introducing a mobile grooming service for you and your pet(s) 


ALL OUR SERVICES HAVE AN ADDITIONAL CALL OUT FEE OF R250 and we cover Greater johannesburg metropolitan.

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A warm water hydrobath using environmentally friendly solutions, brushing, nail clipping, ear & eye cleaning, deodorant, blow dry, doggy treat and friendly helpful pooch related advice. R100,00

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Easy Shed Service

This service is designed to help remove excess hair from your dog's coat, resulting in less hair around your yard and home. It also hydrates and further benefits your dogs skin and coat. R100

grooming and trimming

For dogs with longer coats to ensure they stay comfortable with less hair around their face and feet. It also helps with matting. R100


The Massage Africa Pettouch  Aromacare products are more than just beautiful scents. Rosemary and Lavender Aromacare are available and are said to be calming, uplifting and relaxing for your pooch. R100


Massages provide a range of health benefits for your pooch. The Massage Africa Pettouch is performed with a specific technique including the use of specialized gloves. Your pooch will be in doggy heaven.  R250

dog facial treatment

Cleanse, nourishes and hydrates your dog's skin using our Aromacare Dog Facial Cleanser that contains cosmetic grade optical brighteners. This service also helps with tear stain removal. R100

flea and tick treatment

Flea and ticks can cause all sorts of health issues for your dog and even your human family. Flea and tick rinses can be provided if needed. R100

protein conditioning treatment

Massaged into your pooches skin and coat during their hydrobath. It will nourish and hydrate their skin and leave their coat soft and shiny. It can also assist in keeping their coat from becoming matted. R100

All our products take of the environment in that they are bio-gradable. For more information about which of these services are suitable for your pet, contact us here or call 081 395 1885

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