Golf Ball Therapy

A very deep massage with the added benefit of deep kneading techniques using a golf ball in specific spots. Smooth, rolling, relaxing and therapeutic. Great massage if you never seem to get enough pressure in those trouble spots.

Massage Africa’s Signature Golfer’s Massage R600.00                                       A unique 1 hour & 15 minute massage utilizing warmed golf balls & stretching techniques for a full body therapeutic treatment. Designed to knead tight muscles & ease away any golf related stiffness. The Therapist works to rejuvenate the overall body.

5 Minute Tune Up  R100.00                                                                           The Lumbar region is the fulcrum of the coil that goes with the golf swing. A therapist will meet with you at the 1st hole and within 5 minutes they will prepare you for the motions & stresses of the game. Talk about perfecting your swing! 

90 Minute Golfer’s Massage R750.00
Deep tissue massage with traditional acupressure & Swedish massage methods. Attention given specifically to aid in flexibility and joint mobility. It is perfect before or after a game of golf.

The 60 min Golf Massage  R600.00
Hot towels and hot aromatherapy oils will be used in this massage keeping complete focus on the lower back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, neck, hip, ribs, ankle and foot. A perfect way to feel limber, flexible and ready to win the game!  You might also choose to come in after the game so we can take care of those tired joints. Either way, you can’t lose.

This can be packaged according to the client's need. Let us know about your corporate need. Call: 073 665 6419

Golf Ball Therapy For Companies 

Add a Revitalizing & Refreshing Golf Massage on:

Company Golf Tournaments             Client Golf Outings                                 Association                                  Charity Tournaments                      Sport Team Tournaments          Fundraising Events                    Corporate Golf Events

Therapeutic Stone Massage (60 min)  R500.00                                                   A blend of hot & cold stones using shiatsu focusing on the gluteal area trigger point release and neuromuscular release for the lower back.

Screaming Shoulders Massage (25 min) R200.00
This massage is done on a massage chair focusing on and around the shoulder girdle and neck area including the pectoral muscles, deltoids and upper trapezius.