Iridology is the analyses of the structures found in the iris. As the whole body and its parts are reflected in the iris, one can determine the strong and weak areas of the body, changes in function, inflammation, digestive function, toxin build up, vascular and circulatory issues and much more, through fibre strength, colour changes, openings in the fibres, etc.

Iridology is popular with natural practitioners, as its an affordable, fast, accurate and non-invasive way of assessing health and general wellbeing. Full consultation lasts an hour, where a comprehensive health history and list of symptoms is taken to determine the root cause of illness. In this way healing is effective and balance is restored to the body and the individual as a whole.

Follow up visits are recommended to monitor the progress of the patient. Consultations are undertaken by a certified Ethno medicine practitioner, specializing in iridology, herbal healing and natural holistic health. 

You can book a session with an iridologist by calling (011) 024 8929. Services available at Massage Africa.    


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